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How often will my sessions be and how long will they last?

Most people come either weekly or fortnightly week, but other intervals between sessions can be negotiated. Individual psychotherapy sessions normally last 50-60 minutes. Couple sessions are often 90 minutes. Following the assessment (usually 1-3 sessions) we will contract how many sessions you might need.  This is usually between 8-24 sessions but can be collaboratively thought about during the course of the therapy.

Parent Coaching group calls are up to 2x per week and can last up to 90 minutes based on the 6month programme


How soon can I expect to feel some benefit from my therapy?

Some people begin to feel better after the first session, others can take longer. You may even feel a little worse for a while in the early stages of your therapy as you recall or begin to talk about difficult or painful memories and experiences in your life.

With the Parent coaching sessions, from completing and implementing the strategies in the first module, you should begin to notice some positive changes almost immediately


How much will I Pay?

I charge £65 for each adult psychotherapy session. £75 for couples There is no fee for an initial consultation (over the phone).

I charge £50 per hour for clinical supervision of qualified Play Therapists

Payments can be made in cash at the beginning of each session or via online bank transfer if you prefer.

The cost of the Parent-child Anxiety Transformation Programme (P-CAT) Is £1450 for lifetime access to the comprehensive 5 Pillar programme plus up to twice weekly coaching calls for a duration of 6 months

Are my sessions confidential?

All information you provide during therapy sessions, including your name, address  and everything you discuss during therapy is totally confidential unless at any time you tell me something that indicates that you or anyone else is in immediate personal danger or if you are in danger of harming yourself or somebody else. If so, I have a professional duty to inform your GP and/or any other safeguarding agencies but will, wherever possible, discuss this with you first.

Parents within the Parent-Child Anxiety Transformation (P-CAT) group coaching all agree to keep confidentiality within the programme. 

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