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Raising the BRAVE

Transform your child’s anxiety into greater confidence and resilience, through this 6 month live therapeutic coaching programme.


Do you want to feel Empowered as a Parent to Transform your Child’s Anxiety, even if your child isn't ready or willing to engage in individual therapy?

Are you fed up of long waiting lists for therapy, conflicting advice and feeling lost and overwhelmed trying to respond to your child's anxiety?

Raising the BRAVE is based on well evidenced parent interventions proven to successfully treat even longstanding childhood and teenage anxiety issues.


This is a programme to help parents understand and successfully treat

their child’s anxiety.

It consists of self directed videos filled with up to date neuroscience, therapeutic strategies and tools that really work, together with up to twice weekly live therapeutic coaching sessions covering 5 Pillars, each building on the one before to ensure:

 Reduced anxiety/distress levels in your child, improved relationships between you and your child and happier and more content family life

 You will be joining a community of like-minded parents.

You will learn about what anxiety is and how it can manifest, why you are the most effective tool for transformation in your child.

I will teach you how to talk to your child about their anxiety and you will learn scientifically proven ways to respond to your child that will ultimately reduce their anxiety and distress levels, improve your relationship with your child and result in a happier and more peaceful family life.

The programme brings together over 20 years of clinical experience and professional training, providing an integration of the latest evidence based body-mind whole child healing theories and practices.

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