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Welcome to 

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Psychotherapy & Coaching for you,

and your significant relationships

"The wound is where the light enters"  Rumi

Are you struggling with issues related to how you feel about yourself or your relationships with others?

Are there patterns of thinking, feeling and responding to situations that you feel are stuck and are having a negative impact on you and your life?

Or perhaps you are concerned about your child's mental health?

There comes a time when we recognise we might need some support from a professional who can walk with us through this journey of healing and recovery.

Nurtured Minds offers one to one or couple psychotherapy for adults, either face to face in the village of Crosshills, North Yorkshire or on line via Zoom.

Nurtured Minds also offers Online Therapeutic Coaching for Parents/Carers who want to strengthen their relationship with their child & want to support their child's mental health.



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